22 Dec

Carpenter – Tips and Tricks

Carpenter the last game from the Mascoteers this year has just hit the app stores and the game is ultra-fun. However, the game might give the players a hard time as it is slightly harder to ace.

We are giving you some tips here to get a grip on this game.

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  1. You don’t need to cut all the marked bands. Its fine if you can cut the timber before it hits the red alert bar.
  2. Even though you don’t need to cut all the bands, do not wait for another band to come. You might miss the upcoming one, so do not waste your chance. Act promptly.
  3. Collect as many stars as you can, and keep buying from the purchase page to find the saws and timbers you are most comfortable in.
  4. Try to cut the bigger pieces of timber. If you have option to choose between two parts, always go for the bigger part as it can save you time.
  5. Cut the thicker bands, as they are easy to cut.
  6. Don’t be absent minded and hit those danger bands.
  7. Be extra cautious about the red alert bar in the left side of the saw as well as the marked bands at the same time. Any mistake regarding this two will cause the game over.




Follow these simple tips and you are good to go with this fun game!

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