The Mascoteers
Based in Melbourne, Australia

Release date:
April 11, 2017



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Sneaky is a great new game from The Mascoteers that has all the hallmarks that make an arcade game great! It’s fast, it’s challenging and every time you play it’s different. Make your way through a unpredictable and chaotic maze that rotates around you, picking up items on the way that can help you progress. For a high score, sharp wits and timing are a must! Download for free today and remember to leave us feedback!


We have made maze type games something of a speciality of ours, having explored numerous different 2D and 3D layouts, with a host of obstacles and challenges for gamers. We feel that Sneaky is special because there is a certain randomness and chaos to the gameplay that makes it super unpredictable and different every time you play. The inclusion of power-ups that genuinely change your fortunes in the game add a new dimension as well - getting a top score necessitates that you use resources wisely.


  • FREE to play right now
  • Score points with every block you pass through
  • A procedurally generated maze that is different every time you play
  • Gameplay that moves at breakneck speed
  • Pick up ammo that allow you to shoot bigger openings in the maze to navigate through
  • Look out for stars that you can spend in store to unlock new characters
  • Shield power-ups are scattered around the place, giving you an extra life


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About Mascoteers

Boilerplate The Mascoteers are a collection of indie game developers from WebAlive, a Melbourne based digital agency who have years of experience in the industry. Our team of incredible developers love to create new and interesting games. Often finding that the simplest concepts make for the best, most addictive game play.

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