How long can you last in a slicing mania!

The last release of this year by The Mascoteers, “Carpenter” has just hit the app stores. The name of the game speaks for itself. It’s all about taking the saw and cutting the timbers of various colours and textures. Carpenter has all the features to keep you hooked for days. The game has a never ending timber that keeps coming until it hits the red alert bar. The challenge is to cut the timber at the marked bands with the saw before it hits the bar. It might sound easy at first, but as you progress you will find thinner bands which will be comparatively harder to cut. However, some bands will have stars for you. Hitting those starred bars will reward you with stars and these stars will help you buy different saws and timbers. The game also has some danger bands. Look out for them and do not ever cut them, because it will be a game over if you do so. Different from the other Mascoteers games, this game gives you multiple chances of saving yourself from the game over. Before the timber hits the red alert bar, there will be multiple bands, cutting any of them will give you points and save your life. Carpenter is the ultimate game that can give you the thrill and fun of playing with amazing timbers and saws.

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Carpenter - Tips and Tricks
Carpenter - Tips and Tricks
Carpenter the last game from the Mascoteers this year has just hit the app stores and the game is ultra-fun....
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