Nail It

Nail It

Take that hammer and smash all the nails!

You’ve never had this much fun with a hammer and nails before!

Introducing Nail It, the tapping challenge any arcade gaming enthusiast is sure to get a kick out of. Fast paced, immersive and strangely addictive, Nail It has the player tapping a mile a minute to smash various nails scattered around a wooden board in quick succession. As the hammer moves down the timber board, your job is to tap at the right time, making good contact and burying each nail into the wood. With each successful hit, you’ll score a point, but miss a nail and you’ll have to start over.

You can also pickup various powerups along the way to make your job scoring more points a lot easier. Keep an eye out for the blue icons – hit them and you’ll receive upgrades to your hammer on the spot.  Just don’t mistake them for spikes – hit these and your game will end!

Download now for free! Good luck.

gameplay screenshots

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