12 Jun

TableTopper – Tricks!

TableTopper is a classic cup and ball game by The Mascoteers, which has hit the app store. This amazing game will test your attention and memory everyday. The game is quite straightforward and simple to learn. If you want to score higher, you can follow the tips given below –


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  1. Always try to focus on the glass where the ball is hidden.
  2. When they start shuffling the cups, keep your eyes on the correct cup.
  3. The more time passes; the difficulty level winds up noticeably higher. So you will find the number of the cups increased but do not panic. Always try to concentrate on the right cup.
  4. You can take a break before picking the right cup as you wont get any chance once the cups begins rearranging.
  5. You can also earn stars by spinning the fortune wheel. With this stars you can purchase exciting cups.

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