25 Apr

Basketball Retro – Tips

Basketball Retro is the new retro style game that offers an captivating game, various battles and fun tournaments! To enjoy most of the game you can follow the tips below:


retro-4    retro-3


  1. As the game is you against a team of players,  you need to keep your eye on the opponent’s position. Depending on that you have to take your steps.
  2.  You need to find your safe spots in the court. There will be always few places where you can easily stay safely. Find those and proceed smartly.
  3. Find an opening or space in which you can penetrate and calculate the gaps between the opponent players. When it’s safe to cross in between, tap and move fast.
  4. Go for corners, as the opponent players do not stay there for a longer time.
  5. Play challenges or battles to develop skills. After you have gained enough experience you can try and go for the Tournaments.

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