22 Dec

Carpenter – Tips and Tricks

Carpenter the last game from the Mascoteers this year has just hit the app stores and the game is ultra-fun. However, the game might give the players a hard time as it is slightly harder to ace.

We are giving you some tips here to get a grip on this game!

12 Dec

Boo Wee – Tips and Tricks!

Jump your way up with Boo Wee – the latest creation of The Mascoteers. The game might seem pretty straightforward but mastering it is not that easy. However, some suggestion might help you to make a good score and get the whole fun out of it!

07 Dec

How to be the best Mad Header!

It’s time for you to shake your head! The Mascoteers brought a new addition to their pool of entertainment- Madhead. It is a game with lots of character, jersey and balls where you just have to tap on time to head score your best!

16 Oct

Beat that Drum beat! –Drumheads : Tips & Tricks

For the admirers of speed and beat, The Mascoteers team has released their new game – Drumheads. The game is quite different, and does not have any character. You only score by tapping the right drum head at the right time.

16 Oct

JetFly- Tips to have longer flights!

JetFly – the latest addition by the Mascoteers is now in the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store with its fascinating background and adorable characters. However, everyone is struggling to ace the physics based game, as it is dependent on the distance from platform to platform, tapping time and duration. Therefore, we decided to give some quick tips to get you started in flying the Jet.

16 Oct

Get Boomed with MineBoom! – Tips & Tricks

The Mascoteers has just released their new game “Mineboom” and if you are someone who is willing to do score more than 50 or in 100’s, this blog is for you.

This game is quite easy and can be learnt quickly. However, it will take days to master this game. Avoiding the mines and collecting rubies might seem easy for first few seconds, but with increasing number and challenging positions of the mines, the game becomes harder. We will provide you some tips and tricks to help you achieve a great score and lots of rubies.