13 Oct

How to Play 360 Degree – Basic Tips & Tricks

So you have downloaded 360 Degree for your android or IPhone/IPad and having difficulty for a head start? Today we’ve got some basic tips and tricks to help you start the game:

How to Play:

1. Tap left or right to rotate the circle to avoid spikes and collect the diamonds.


2. Collect red rubies to unlock balls and new levels.


3. Stay alert to collect shields for an extra life to survive longer and score higher.


4. Collect all 16 rubies in Bonus round to double the rubies you collect.


5. You can pause the game and resume anytime if you’re going for longer sessions, also switch between day and night modes whichever convenient for you.

Remember to share your scores and challenge your friends on Facebook & Twitter by posting your best score. Happy Spinning!

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