22 Sep

360 Degree – Some Handy Tips & Tricks to score couple of hundreds!

If you are reading this, then I’m assuming that you’ve already downloaded the game either from Google Play or IOS App store that’s compatible with your handy smartphone. Even if you haven’t downloaded the game yet then I should give you a short description

360 Degree is a game that tests your concentration, multitasking and aiming skills, a game which enhances your accuracy to defeat those notorious spikes. Stay vigilant because landing on those evil spikes cost you your single and only life in the game, taking you back to square one.

A game of such addiction keeps your eyes glued to the screen. The ball keeps bouncing within the whirling wheel, controlled by precise movements to steer you to your touchdown. Flawless gaming helps you to experience the thrill of watching your score climb, but landing the ball into a safe zone is not enough to prove your worth, to top the leaderboard rankings you simultaneously need to collect those precious diamonds which reward you with single point each.

This game can be learnt with ease but at the same time takes days to master. It is very clever in its simplicity, you quickly learn to dread the sound of shattering the glass ball when it hits the evil spikes. It’s a perfect remedy to your boredom and a fantastic way to practice your multi-tasking.

Here are some hidden tips & tricks you may not have noticed which can help you achieve a couple of hundred diamonds and some rubies to stay in the top of the leaderboards and challenge your friends out there on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram:

  • First and the best tip, you play the game for at least 5-10 rounds to take control of the rotation speed and the accuracy of the ball landing zone.
  • Plan your next move the moment you collect a Diamond or Ruby, this way you can easily avoid having to make a sudden move/spin which can easily lead you to land those evil spikes.
  • Do not rush in your attempt to collect rubies, wait for the right situation making sure you have safely planned the landing zone of the ball before you collect rubies.
  • Stay alert to collect a shield once you reached the score mark of 20. Do not panic or rush to collect the shield, because you can make 2-3 safe landing before that shield disappears.
  • Even if you miss the chance to get that lifesaving shield on your first attempt, don’t worry the shield will keep coming back in increments of 20 points.
  • Once you reach the score mark of 100, your best bet is not to look out for those diamonds or rubies, aim precisely for small gaps in between those evil spikes and survive as long as possible. Diamonds and Rubies will keep coming to you eventually.
  • Always try land the ball safely in centre and avoid corners in level 2, 3 and 4.

Also there’s a random bonus round to look out for, where you can collect a bunch of rubies at without much hassle!

So if you’ve managed to follow all these tips given above, you should be able to score more than 100 easily in couple of runs once you installed the game. 360 Degree is a real fun when you start throwing some challenges to your friends with the highest score you just achieved!

Download & Play 360 Degree:

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.moocity.threesixtydegree

App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/360-degree/id1016279124?mt=8

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