22 Aug

Mascoteers Successfully Launched 360 Degree – A Challenging & Addictive Game

360 Degree has quickly gained popularity on both the Apple App store and Google Play, having been downloaded by almost 1 million people in just a month, getting people hooked to this addictive mobile arcade game all over the world.

The beauty of 360 Degree lies in its seamless simplicity and crisp graphic style, its minimalist design focusing gamer’s multi-tasking skills and reaction times. Drawing inspiration from some of the very first video games ever made, this game adds a twist to the traditional back and forth.

Requiring concentration and supreme focus, the game plays with our ability to pay attention to multiple aspects of our surroundings at once. Utilising touch screen technology and the crisp resolution of smart phones and tablets, 360 Degree is beautiful, sleek and very responsive, showing off how compelling and addictive smart phone game play can be when done right.

This is creative, elegant game has garnered lots of attention with gamers who have left many enthusiastic reviews on both Apple and Android versions. Our development team has been amazed at the reaction and is making the effort to be constantly engaged to collect feedback and build a better idea of features to add in upcoming versions.

Given the amount of excitement and attention surrounding the game, our developers and designers are working hard to produce a version 2 which will aim to enhance user experience and incorporate more interesting features so that we can maximise the interaction, experience and difficulty.

This is the second game for The Mascoteers on android and we are quite thrilled to achieve this success. We feel that 360 Degree’s success prove that if you are creative and demonstrate willingness and persistence the wider gaming community will welcome you with open arms and positively respond to your contribution. We think this is such great encouragement for other local independent game creators and game studios.

360 degree has been featured in the Apple App store in various countries, bridging distances with its global appeal. So many fans are playing all over the world and competition is intense, with people challenging their friends via facebook, twitter and the game’s leader boards.

The Mascoteers is greatly motivated by this entertaining, engaging game’s success, with our design and development team playing a huge part in driving our management and investors to strive to develop and publish more new, creative games for our incredible mobile gaming audience.

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